botox treatment in belfast and glasgow

botox treatment in belfast and glasgow

botox treatment in belfast and glasgow

While celebrities are now well-acquainted with Botox treatment Belfast in Northern Ireland is also catching up with the new trend. Industry insiders opine that presently thousands of Northern Ireland residents are opting for this cosmetic treatment, and that there has been a 20% rise in this number over the years. Everyone is opting for Botox in Belfast, right from the wife of Ministers to a cashier in a retail store. It is no longer refrained to only the rich and famous, but today, even common people are saving up their money to get this treatment.

What Is This Botox Treatment?

Botox is a drug that is administered medically (via injections) to relax the face muscles in order to make the skin appear wrinkle-free as well as silky smooth. It works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The effects of this treatment last as long as 3 months on an average, after that the Botox starts wearing off and the muscles on the face start getting active again.

This treatment is ideal for wrinkles caused by various movements on the face including frown lines, crow’s feet as well as forehead wrinkles. Little pain is caused by the injections, and the effects start showing in around 15 minutes. Botox treatment can be considered to be safe with reversible effects.

The Age Limit:

There is a great variance in the age limit for the Botox Glasgow treatment. While people as young as 20 years opt for this treatment, there are others above 40 years who form the general crowd. However, no one under 20 years of age is allowed to get the Botox treatment.

Guidelines To Find A Good Botox Clinic:

Since only medical professionals with qualifications are allowed to provide this cosmetic (non-surgical) treatment, it is best that you go through the following guidelines to find a good Botox clinic in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Conducting Proper Research- Before you jump out to get Botox injected to look younger and more radiant, it is important that you find out everything related to this treatment. You need to know how this treatment actually works and what you should expect from it. Moreover, this cosmetic treatment must only be administered by medical practitioners who are trained and qualified, and if possible experienced as well. Opt for only those clinics that vouch for the credentials of the medical practitioners offering this service in their clinics. You can talk to your friends and close ones who have opted for this treatment previously to find out which clinic to go for.

Consultation Time- It is also crucial that you get a good consultation with a reputed practitioner prior to opting for the Botox treatment. Don’t allow the clinic to rush or push you into various sales pitches to get through this treatment. Many medical practitioners offer free consultation nowadays, so you can make an appointment and visit a well-qualified practitioner of a Botox clinic in Belfast without spending a penny!

Regular Check-up- After you have undergone the first treatment, you will need to visit the clinic again within 2 weeks, and then after 1 month. It is important for your practitioner to make sure that you are doing fine with this treatment and that it does not adversely affect your body in any way. As mentioned earlier, Botox starts wearing off within 3 months, so you need to visit your clinic every 3 months to make sure that your face remains wrinkle-free for as long as possible.


There are several fraudsters and there are also many reputed and genuine Botox clinics Glasgow. With the above guidelines, you can get access to the right Botox Clinic and get your money’s worth.